Puma Iron-On Patch Sports LOGO DIY T-Shirt Clothing PU Transfer Sticker


Shipping to Worldwide.

Size: 6cm Wide

Material: Plastic / Polyflex

Quantity: 1 Pcs

Condition: New



Instruction (Using Heat Transfer Machine):

  • 1) Place the glue side (rough side) of the patch down on the shirt in correct position.
  • 2) Temperature: 150 degrees C
  • 3) Cover with material, make sure not to move the patch, such as cotton handkerchief or tissue paper.
  • 4) Time: 15 seconds
  • 5) Pressure: Very firm
  • 6) Peel: Cool (allow to cool for at least 60 seconds before carefully peeling the backing material).
  • 7) If the patch does not fully stick, recover and press for a further¬†5 seconds.
  • 8) Do not wash shirt for 48 hours after application

Note:  We can custom design your requested Namesets / Patches for you.

Any inquiry please message me for wholesale or special price for multiple or bulk purchases.

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White, Black, Red, Blue, Sky Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Dark Blue, Pink, Silvery, Gold


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